Essential Mobile Photography Tips for Capturing the Monsoon Magic at Grand Gardens Resort, Igatpuri

The monsoon season is a magical time in India. The lush greenery, the cool breeze, and the sound of the rain all combine to create a truly unforgettable experience. If you’re planning a trip to Grand Gardens Resort in Igatpuri during the monsoon season, be sure to bring your camera! 

With these essential mobile photography tips below, you’ll be able to capture the monsoon magic in all its glory. Let’s dive in!

1. Clean your lens – Before you begin shooting pictures, make sure your lens is clean. This may seem like normal protocol, but it’s essential. A dirty lens can make your photos blurry and out of focus. This is especially normal to happen due to rain moisture or droplets that can stay on the lens.

2. Use natural light – Shoot during the day when there is a lot of natural light, this is the best time to capture pictures during the monsoon. Monsoon days anyway tend to become cloudy and dark so using morning light when clouds are parted would be the ideal setting to capture nature with its natural light.

3. Use the right settings – Using the correct settings is the first step to capturing excellent images with a mobile device. It’s crucial to utilize a higher ISO setting when photographing in the rain to catch more light. If you want to capture the droplets and make them appear blurry, you could also use a slower shutter speed. You can also use wide lens mode to capture a wider horizon.

4. Find the right composition – The composition of your photo is just as important as the settings. When you’re shooting in the rain, look for interesting compositions that highlight the beauty of the monsoon season. You can try shooting from a low angle to capture the raindrops falling from the sky, or you can try shooting from a high angle to capture the lush greenery.

5. Use HDR mode – HDR mode can help you capture a wider variety of dynamic ranges in your photographs, which is especially important in the monsoon when there are often big differences in brightness between the foreground and background.

6. Get close to your subjects –  The monsoon is a fantastic time to do this. Get on the floor to photograph the finer details of the flowers and foliage, or get up close to waterfalls to record the force of the water.

7. Use a tripod – Especially in low light situations, a tripod can assist you keep your photographs stable. If you don’t have a tripod, you might try placing your phone against a nearby wall or tree to keep it steady.

8. Edit your photos – Once you’ve taken your photos, you can edit them to bring out the best of the monsoon magic. You can choose a photo-editing tool that suits your needs among the many accessible options, both free and premium.

Here are a few specific photo spots at The Grand Gardens Resort that you might want to check out:

GG Resort
The pool view during a heavy downpour

The sight of the raindrops splashing into the pool and the mist rising from the water can be incredibly atmospheric. You can also try to capture the reflection of the clouds in the water.

GG Resort
The open lawns with cloud-touching mountains

The vast expanse of green lawn with the mountains in the background is a truly majestic sight. You can try to capture the dramatic cloudscapes.

GG Resort - Nursery
Forest Farm Nursery

This is a great place to capture the beauty of the monsoon season in all its glory. You can find a variety of plants and flowers in bloom and try to capture droplets using macro shots.

With so many beautiful photo spots to choose from, you’re sure to come away with some amazing shots at our resort in Igatpuri.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!